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Power to the Polls WI is a community-based organizing project with a simple mission: motivate and inspire voters to turn out in every election, while building unprecedented infrastructure to support community-based organizations, protect our freedoms, and empower Wisconsin voters.

At Power to the Polls, we believe:

✊ Power belongs with the people

🗳 Our vote is our voice

⭐ Grassroots organizing will bring us to victory



We're joining forces to protect our freedoms.

Power to the Polls WI is getting organized to protect our freedoms – our freedom to vote, to earn a living wage, to love who we love, to decide if and when we want to start a family, and to thrive as Wisconsinites. Voting is our collective power and regardless of age, race, zip code, ability status, or economic status, we deserve the chance to make our voices heard. Whether you vote in every election, or are planning to vote for the first time – we'll meet you where you're at. '

We run robust and unapologetically ambitious campaigns focused in Black and Brown communities because we know there are institutional and structural barriers intentionally trying to silence our voices. We're teaming up with partners across the state to make it known just how powerful our votes are in every election.


Meet our Partners.

At Power to the Polls WI, we believe we are stronger when every voice has a seat at the table, and we couldn't do this work without our local, state, and national partners.

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